Airbnb, a Caifornia-based company known for listing and booking accommodations around the world, in more than 190 countries, has launched a very special video in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The 75-second film, entitled “Wall and Chain”, portrays the true story of two men – Jörg and Kai – who used to work together but apart. They were border guards, each one protecting either the East or West side of the Berlin Wall. In 2012, by a chance encounter facilitated by Airbnb, the two guards crossed paths.

The campaign was created by VCCP Berlin, the film was animated by Psyop in New York, and the media buying was conducted by Starcom. The result is a beautiful video sure to touch one’s heart. The campaign was on air on national TV (including NBC and CNN) in the US this past weekend. The campaign is also present on its very own microsite, entitled Belong Anywhere, which includes interviews and downloadable wallpapers of the “Wall and Chain” theme.

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Airbnb’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan Mildenhall, commented: “Great content and storytelling is so important now for any brand. As a community-driven company, we don’t want to just talk about our product, but instead put our community front and center of any campaign. Stories like that of Joerg and Kai bring our mission of belonging to life, and capture the spirit of Airbnb, in a totally unique and authentic way.

This campaign reinforces Airbnb’s assets, focusing on community sharing and providing a sense of belonging to its users.