Brand: The Society for Child Development / Wal-Mart
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Campaign:Trash to Cash

The Society for Child Development is an Indian not-for-profit organization that works to create equal opportunities for children and young adults with mental handicaps and other disabilities. And perhaps surprisingly, it also is the business that this year provided 18 tonnes of coloured powder that lit up the Hindu festival season.

Those running the business are all visually impaired, with the charity seeking to teach and provide them with entrepreneurial skills. The “Trash to Cash” initiative takes in tonnes of fresh flower waste from hotels and temples across Delhi, collects them each morning and recycles them to make the organic coloured powder used at festivals such as Holi and Diwali.

Wal-Mart India Best Price

By recycling flowers into a product with a genuine commercial value, the charity both reduces waste and creates jobs. In fact, the business has grown by 150% in the past year alone and now supplies Wal-Mart India’s Best Price Modern Wholesale outlets, one of the world’s largest retail chains.

Speaking to BBC, director Dr. Madhumita Puri explained: “With corporates, what we would like to do is ask them to provide us help in the end solution. That is when we go into the market – when we go there we need all the help we can.”

Building on the success of the coloured powder, the business is now making additional recycled items such as lamps and bags. Significantly too, as Wal-Mart is providing skills and expertise rather than money, the support does not fall under the company’s CSR strategy, instead it’s just good business–an initiative that truly benefits everyone involved.

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Images: Walmart India, Trash to Cash