Brand: Zeze Biscuits
Agency: Mark+ Agency
Campaign: Alimentado Amizades / Feeding New Friendships

Everyone is familiar with reserved seating on public transport. Sometimes for the elderly, sometimes for pregnant women and occasionally for those that have paid a little extra for the comfort.

In the town of Pelotas in the Southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, there is a new type of reserved seat. For those that would like to make a friend.

Alimentado Amizades 5

Seats on public transportation can be precious, we prefer to sit down when taking public transport, but we mostly like to sit in silence too. Especially now with the ubiquity of smartphones, we’re talking to each other even less. So creative agency Mark+ came up with the idea of encouraging people to put down their phones and strike up a conversation with the person next to them.

Each bus has signage marking out the ‘reserved seating for new friends’, along with a pack of sticky post-it notes containing conversation starters to get things going. The sign even warns that anyone sitting here must be ready to have a good chat!

Alimentado Amizades

Brands go to great lengths to make a slogan stick in consumers minds or associate themselves with a certain feeling. Here, Zeze Biscuits isn’t just positioning itself as a brand that promotes the idea of community, it’s actively creating real world connections and bringing people together. A clever piece of creative that’s truly memorable.