Since 2002, Sonos has been known as the leading manufacturer of wireless speakers. Eventually, they started to improve and became much bigger by letting you stream music wirelessly, using nothing but your Android, iPhone, or iPad. The latest thing they have debuted is a new visual identity created by Bruce Mau Design.

Sonos’ new rebranding came out as the team called it “a happy accident.” This hypnotic logo wasn’t supposed to be optical illusion, but instead “it was meant to be a logo in motion, something radiating, something happening,Laura Stein, creative director from Bruce Mau Design, explained. That’s exactly what it became.

When you look at the new logo while scrolling up and down the page, it gives the effect of moving soundwaves. It kind of pulses like a subwoofer and it’s really fun! Go on, and see for yourself.


Images via The Verge