Remember when Instagram announced the service is launching ads? We were all in shock, and we blamed Facebook because it was about to ruin our favourite “artsy” mobile app. We were also furious when Facebook announced that it would automatically play videos for users just as they peacefully scroll their own newsfeed.

Recently, Instagram added loop to its videos and got bonus points from advertisers, meaning more profit to our dear Zuckerberg.

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And now, there is this new ad format called a cinemagraph. Technically it’s a “gif” and it’s not new, but the use in fashion and news photographs that Ann Street Studio from New York introduced builds up a different picture for the spectator.

Cinemagraph claims to be the next ad format Facebook will offer to marketers. But is it really that mesmerising? For sure–it is more interesting than a static banner ad and not as intrusive as automatically-played video ads!

Jamie Beck, photographer, and Kevin Burg, visual graphics artist, created the term “cinemagraph” due to its cinematic quality combined with traditional photography.

Would you click on these cinemagraph ads if they appeared on your newsfeed?