Brand: Fashion Revolution
Agency: BBDO Berlin
Campaign: The 2 Euro T–shirt

One in every six people worldwide is working in the fashion supply chain, with conditions notoriously bad for those in the manufacturing end. To combat this, the Fashion Revolution movement aims to create public dialogue and educate consumers on the real cost of cheap clothes. Now, using interactive technology and an irresistible call to action, they’ve done just that.

To promote Fashion Revolution Day on April 24th, BBDO Berlin and Unit9 created a ‘social experiment’ in Alexanderplatz, Berlin, that was hard to ignore. A bright turquoise vending machine that promised €2 T-Shirts. When customers interacted with the machine and tried to buy a t-shirt they were met with more than they bargained for.

Once they entered a €2 coin, the screen showed powerful films exposing the labour conditions of textile workers in the developing world. They were then asked if they still wanted the clothes, or if they would rather donate the euros. Unsurprisingly, 90% of people donated.

An online video showing the vending machine additionally attracted thousands of people to visit the Fashion Revolution website. They also used their social media channels to ask #WhoMadeMyClothes to fashion brands. It provides a fascinating and eye-opening insight into the labour cost of cheap clothing. And if dialogue is the aim of Fashion Revolution Day, it seems the conversation has only just begun.