Men can now literary bathe in beer as the Danish brewing company Carlsberg launched the Beer Beauty, a line of men’s grooming products. These products were created in collaboration with cosmetics producer Urtegaarden and consist of a unique shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion.

The fascinating part of this program is that these products are truly made out of Carlsberg beer, not just merely carrying its brand name on the package. Each product contains 0.5 l of premium Carlsberg beer that was first frozen and powdered and then added into the products.

Carlsberg’s experts took the time to point out some of the healthy benefits that beer contains besides alcohol and calories. Carlsberg beer also includes natural ingredients such as barley, hops, and yeast, which are rich in vitamin B and silicium. Zoran Gojkovic, Director of Research at Carlsberg Laboratory, stated that these compounds can actually be very good for your skin when added to shampoo or any other grooming product.

At first there was certain incredulity about this project even in the ranks of Carlsberg itself, but then a survey conducted by Epinion revealed that 65% of men in the UK between 18 and 40 are daily groomers. The survey also showed that almost half of the surveyed men are using their girlfriend’s or wife’s grooming products. Carlsberg also saw that 67% of Carlsberg consumers are willing to buy grooming products made of beer so they turned it into an opportunity to introduce the Beer Beauty series made especially for men.

The Carlsberg premium set consists of shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion in 250ml bottles and can be purchased online for €64 ($74).

For more details, watch the following video about the creation of the Carlsberg Beer Beauty line.
Carlsberg_Beer Beauty_Series Carlsberg_Beer Beauty_Body lotion Carlsberg_Beer Beauty_Conditioner

Images: Carlsberg