A new integrated brand campaign which shows how sudden and unexpected heart disease can be was launched by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) via DLKW Lowe in London. Surprise is the key theme of the campaign.

“Compared to other terminal illnesses, like cancer, heart disease can be especially cruel. Its suddenness means families often never get the chance to even say goodbye, which has a huge emotional impact on those left behind,” said Dave Handerson, Chief Creative Officer at DLKW Lowe.

This campaign includes a few minute-long ads, and one of them is “Classroom” directed by Tom Tagholm of Patric Pictures. It shows a whispered conversation between a father and son, hinting from the beginning that something’s not right.  The conversation between a dying father with heart disease and his son is really poignant and touching, but what’s even sadder is that there is no such thing as “saying goodbye” when dealing with heart disease in real life–and that’s exactly the point of this whole campaign: “Heart disease is heartless. It strikes without warning.”

The aim is to seek help from viewers. “By making people contemplate the unexpected devastation that heart disease causes, we hope to inspire people to donate funds to continue BHF’s lifesaving research,” says Carolan Davidge , the client’s Director of Marketing and Engagement.

In an effort to make the message even more personal, they’ve created a “Heart Attack Simulator.” The mobile app asks users to hold their phones against their hearts, and it delivers a jolt that isn’t so much physical as emotional—the phone rings and a chilling recorded message, the kind no one wants to receive, begins to play.

“I don’t think we can tip toe around a disease that’s so cruel anymore,” adds Handerson. “We have to hit people with the reality of what we’re dealing with here. And the impact and reality of heart disease is personal to every person so each piece of creative in this campaign seeks to speak to different audiences.”