has introduced a new font called Booking Sans, paying tribute to the one place we all call home — Earth. The style is an understated gesture implementing the world’s axial tilt of 23.5 degrees. Created in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the typeface represents “travel and’s huge worldly reach, and variety of accommodations” as W+K Amsterdam’s design director Joe Burrin explained.

The font itself is not in italic. In fact, at first glance it seems similar to any other normal sans typeface, but upon closer look you’ll see the point: The 23.5 degree angles are in the natural curves and edges of the letters or symbols. The point of the font is to be “functional and welcoming” and it was designed to go with’s logo.

Burrin describes, “we have initially produced one weight (bold) to be used within the recent summer campaign ‘Wing it’, we see this leading to the development of further weights for wider, more flexible usage.”

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Images: Wieden + Kennedy Ams