Campaign: No Blood Should Hold Us Back

Agency: AMV BBDO London

Client: Bodyform

Sanitary brands and female empowerment go hand-in-hand these days. Last year, Always’ “Like a Girl” campaign won countless awards, including a D&AD Black Pencil, because it went beyond the usual sales tactic of selling women an aspirational lifestyle, and looked at the truth behind how girls feel as they enter puberty.

Where Always looked to the psychological effects of becoming a woman and what that means, Bodyform has decided to tackle the very real and physical manifestation of having a period: blood.

Selling sanitary pads to women has always caused social taboos, periods are something all women experience and yet few people talk about them. This isn’t an advert with “safe” blue liquid being poured onto a pad, this is a film showcasing powerful sportswomen.  A strong soundtrack accompanies a series of shots of women doing the sports they love, running, boxing, ballet, surfing, and the grueling injuries they sustain to be the best that they can be. Whether it’s falling over and cutting your leg, being punched in the face or dancing until your toes bleed, it isn’t an easy watch but all these injuries are united by one thing, blood.

This is “This Girl Can” but tougher with a clear message, no type of bleeding holds these women back, so your periods shouldn’t either. If there was any doubt as to the “female warrior” message of this advert, the women dressed in full medieval armour riding her horse into battle brings it home.

This campaign isn’t just designed to break down taboos about periods in order to sell products, Bodyform is working with sports organisations such as the England and Wales Cricket Board and The Institute of Sport Exercise and Health to look into the effect of the menstrual cycle on sportswomen and how this can be better understood.