Guest: Ingeborg Blaauw, International Marketing Manager, Aviko

Branding over Wine is hosted by Martin Schiere, an A-grade marketer himself and a regular Brandingmag contributor. Martin is a seasoned, hands-on manager and commercial leader with over 15 years of experience in accelerating or restoring growth to organizations. He combines cutting-edge strategies and marketing insights with practical implementation. His expertise definitely makes this podcast stand out.

Some of our previous guests have written best-selling books on branding or have established famous research institutes, but our latest guest has achieved something even more impressive – she has decommoditized the potato.

Ingeborg Blaauw, Aviko’s International Marketing Manager, embarked on a decade-long journey to increase the value of the brand’s main offering – the potato. By being exceptionally clever and by following a fine mix of data-driven insights, behavioral observation, and marketing fundamentals, Ingeborg and her team managed to bring the potato higher on the consumers’ decision-making tree, thus increasing not only Aviko’s market share but the overall perception of this rather dull vegetable.

“Why aren’t they eating our products every day?”

In this episode, Ingeborg explains how the brand surpassed $1Billion by adding more value to the most generic of products – the potato. A case study on over a decade of outstanding marketing work:

  • Bringing the potato higher on the decision-making tree;
  • The role of the potato and ‘the cooking week’;
  • Emotional sameness and universal concepts;
  • Patterning, segmentation, and behavioral design;
  • and more

“Bananas and apples are different but we eat them in the same way.”

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