Upgrade Your Creative Development with Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing, which measures neural and physiological responses to certain stimuli, offers incredible insight into customer motivations, preferences, and decisions. It can empower creatives, reward strategists, and most importantly, satisfy customer needs on a profound level. 

This one-hour conversation explains: 

  • How real-time neuromarketing data can radically improve your creative and strategic development;   
  • How neuromarketing actually empowers creatives;  
  • Examples of neuromarketing at work, like Ikea’s highly effective ASMR video content; 
  • Safeguarding your branded work from pseudo-practitioners; 
  • Ethical questions related to neuromarketing.

Understanding real desire with neuromarketing

There’s a difference between what people say they want and what they actually want. Neuromarketing offers insight into the latter—the subtle desires and preferences humans may not realize they have, and what triggers them, from color palettes to musical cues. 

Many marketers have reservations about embracing such an advanced method, or may view it as too sophisticated for their needs. But the experts in this masterclass offer an approachable, rational perspective on getting inside your customer’s head. 

“That’s what this whole neuro field is all about. It’s about understanding what makes people act and feel something, and moving them in that direction.” – Kevin Perlmutter @ Limbic Brand Evolution

Who is this masterclass for? 

Those who look to consumer insights when making their decisions. Brand strategists and creative directors will benefit from understanding the value of introducing neuromarketing into their processes, while researchers and creatives across the board will find compelling techniques and ideas for how to directly apply it.

The experts we brought together

  • Della Mathew, a creative director who has used neuromarketing to great success in campaigns for Ikea and more;
  • Kevin Perlmutter, a neuromarketing strategist and founder of an agency leading the way in this emerging field;
  • Joe Sauer, an award-winning researcher with science-backed insight and experience. 
  • Moderated by: Flavia Barbat, editor-in-chief @ Brandingmag.

Some salient excerpts

Flavia Barbat: “At what point does the data gathered in neuromarketing come into the creative process?  

Joe Sauer: “Historically, research and ad effectiveness data were really pushed to the end of the creative process…What neuromarketing has allowed us to do is cost-affordably deliver these insights in literally hours rather than six to eight weeks. We can actually test continually throughout the process before the creatives become fully vested in their work.” (27:15) 

Flavia Barbat: “Has neuromarketing been a game-changer, and do you have any examples from your own work?”

Della Mathew: “For Ikea, we created a 26-minute-long piece of ASMR* content that was all about the feel of the fabric of the sheets for your dorm room, the sound of the hangers that you could hang in your closet, and the feel of the tap tap tap on the organizational stuff for your desk. It was such a nice cross-section of all the product benefits, which we were able to speak to and talk about with prices and all of those things [while still creating] a piece of content that really resonated with our audience. Kids at that age were listening to a lot of ASMR. We wanted people to feel relaxed…[and] the response we got to that was insane.” (38:30)

*For those who don’t know, ASMR is described as “a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound.”

Flavia Barbat: “How can you convince people who may be skeptical of neuromarketing, especially creatives, to try this method? 

Kevin Perlmutter: “It’s about building trust, and recognizing that we each have a role to play in the creative process. It’s less about what words to say than it is about becoming a partner who is additive to their creative process, and not a threat to it. Creative people are putting themselves on the line. The extent [to which] you can understand and bring them insights that help them make the work better and more effective, that’s how you build relationships.” (20:30)

Whether you’re a brand strategist, a creative, or somewhere in between, neuromarketing has the potential to empower brands and their people in compelling new ways. Tune in to the conversation to find out how. 



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