Guest: Neil Hoyne, Chief Measurement Strategist, Google

Branding over Wine is hosted by Martin Schiere, an A-grade marketer himself and a regular Brandingmag contributor. Martin is a seasoned, hands-on manager and commercial leader with over 15 years of experience in accelerating or restoring growth to organizations. He combines cutting-edge strategies and marketing insights with practical implementation. His expertise definitely makes this podcast stand out.

“I do work with a number of companies who believe that the source of success is being able to remove all of the error. Saying ‘We’re going to measure every interaction, every touchpoint, and, from that, we will be able to be successful.’” But what if companies actually accept the error and embrace human nature as an integral part of their efforts? Could they go beyond a single transaction and find the most valuable customers to them? Will they experience loyalty and trust?

Google’s chief measurement officer, Neil Hoyne, brings clarity to how data and marketing come together; what and how to measure; moving beyond a single transaction; embracing human nature; and more. Concrete examples and spot-on metaphors outline a solid course of action for marketers everywhere:

  • Marketing accountability – a prime industry issue;
  • Branding vs. performance marketing;
  • Improving the customer lifetime value;
  • Human behavior and the effect on trust;
  • and more

“Are we growing the value of that relationship? Yes! Then both branding and performance are tools. Their order [in terms of time sequence] matters much less here.”

[You can find the meta-analysis referenced by Neil in this episode here: What works in e-commerce – a meta-analysis of 6,700 online experiments]

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